10 habits that damage your teeth

10 Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Many of us are told as kids not to do specific things that may cause teeth damage. For a specific time, that really did work. However, as we aged, not only did many of us start doing those things, but we took it further and made them a habit. When those habits are repeated, they can potentially cause damage to our teeth and gums. To learn further about these habits, read on to find out more about the worst bad habits that best dental care practices say that you should quit doing immediately to protect your teeth and gums. Here are the 10 habits that damage your teeth

1) Biting your fingernails

Let’s be honest; is biting nails bad for teeth? Yes, most of us are guilty of doing it. Biting your nails is something that most parents have advised their children to quit doing. This is because, as we go throughout the day, it’s likely that you are getting a lot of bacteria from all the people that you’ve contacted. If you have a small cut inside your mouth, placing your fingers may not only make you become ill but also create an infection. Therefore, for your oral health care, try not to bite your nails as much as possible.

2) Having too many binge-eating nights

After having a long day at work, it’s tempting to sit on the couch and watch our beloved TV show while eating everything in sight. Although this is fine, an excessive amount of binge eating can cause devastation to our teeth and gums. Regardless of whether they’re, to some degree, healthy foods, they can lead to things like cavities and overall poor health.

3) Tobacco Chewing or Smoking

Despite all the proof with respect to the risks of using tobacco products, the fact is that people actually use them consistently. This habit is frequently seen as an addiction due to the chemicals found in tobacco. However, if a person doesn’t transform, it can lead to a whole series of medical problems that range from rotten teeth to cancer. It can also be one of the reasons that causes bad teeth.

4) Opening Packages with Your Teeth

In some cases, scissors are too hard to come by, which is why so many people use their teeth to open all types of packages. Despite the fact that it might seem harmless, ripping open plastic packages can cut your gums and may even lead to breaking part of your tooth. This would then require that you visit a dental specialist’s office for a cosmetic dentist.

5) Drinking a large number of acidy drinks

Enjoying a cup of wine or orange juice every now and then is absolutely fine for the majority of people. In fact, a significant number of those beverages do have a few advantages. However, drinking too much of these acidic liquids can quickly lead to some serious tooth issues. Acidy drinks can make the deterioration of your teeth increase faster than it would normally take.

6) An excessive amount of coffee

Yes, coffee is delicious, and having that first cup in the morning makes waking up a lot easier. However, as the saying goes, there is something such as an overdose of something that is a good thing. An excess of coffee can stain your teeth a dull yellow color. In fact, most patients who visit a dentist are looking for teeth whitening services. Moreover, adding sugar to coffee can also cause an entire another set of issues for your dental health, for example, weight gain and cavities. This is why many oral health care services will advise people to limit their coffee intake to somewhere around one cup per day.

7) Not brushing or flossing your teeth on a daily basis

Often, the habits that we don’t have to make the biggest difference to our oral health. That is why so many oral health care services promote the need to manage your dental health through daily cleaning of your teeth and flossing. Assuming you require additional information, you may speak to your closest family dentist to find out more about the various routines you can carry out in your daily life.

8) Playing Sports Without a Mouth Guard

No matter if you play on a national team or with your friends on the ground, wearing a mouthguard is always recommended. This is because it doesn’t take a lot of impact for you to lose a tooth or cut your gums. Also, assuming you’re playing a full-physical game, for example, basketball or football, wearing a mouth guard may be able to save your dental health.

9) Teeth Grinding

When people become nervous, their habits will usually come out. For instance, some will start tapping their fingers on a desk, while others will start shaking their legs uncontrollably. But, unfortunately, some will have more dangerous habits, like grinding their teeth. This, of course, can start to chip teeth or increase the pace at which an individual is losing their enamel. In such a situation, it is important to talk with your oral health care supplier and see what options you need to reduce or totally eliminate the issue.

10) Harsh brushing of your teeth

As opposed to popular belief, brushing more enthusiastically won’t make your teeth cleaner. In fact, it can really hurt you. This is on the grounds that when you’re cleaning your teeth too hard, the bristles of your toothbrush can quickly start cutting your gums without your knowledge. Before you realize it, you’re spitting out blood. Gentle brushing in a circular motion is the best route to take.

As you can see from the data above, there are many habits that a large number of us will more often engage in, which can hurt our teeth and gums. In any case, since you are familiar with them, it is important to start looking for ways of reducing or completely eliminating them from your life. Perhaps the most effective way to manage these issues is to speak directly with your personal dental specialist.

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