Endodontic / Root Canal Treatment
Every tooth is more valuable than a diamond

What is root canal treatment ?

It is actually a part of operative dentistry.It is a procedure of removing infection from root canal.

Crown – it is the visible portion of the tooth
Root – it is the portion of the tooth embedded within the bone and gum tissue

What is the procedure of RCT?

  • STEP – 1: After the tooth anesthetized an opening is made through the crown into the pulp chamber.
  • STEP – 2: The length of the root canal is determined.
  • STEP – 3: Unhealthy pulp is removed, canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped
  • STEP – 4: Canals are filled and sealed, a metal post may be added for structural support or
    to retain restorative materials.
  • STEP – 5: Tooth is sealed with filling, then the crown is placed

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