TMJ Syndrome


  • Pain /spasm of jaw

  • Inability to open mouth fully

  • Difficulty in chewing

  • Clicking sound at joint while opening/closing

  • A feeling of jaw locking/catching

  • Headache

  • Ear pain

  • Ringing in the ears /TINITUS

  • Swelling on one or both sides of face

  • Neck(or)shoulder pain


  • LACK of sleep

  • Inability to concentrate

Combination of any of these symptoms is called TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT SYNDROME/DISORDER

Do you know improper alignment of teeth [or] missing teeth may be underlying cause for this condition?

A wrong biting position/relation of upper and lower teeth may cause improper alignment of jaws which can lead to strain in attached muscles of head and neck. This result in a group of symptoms collectively called as TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT SYNDROME/DISORDER or TMJ syndrome or TMJ disorder.


TMJ is a condition that affects the 'chewing' muscles as well as the joints in between the bottom jaw and the base of the skull. It is also known as MPDS (Myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome) or Occluso-muscular condition.


TMJ Syndrome is believed to affect up to 30% of individuals at a certain time in their lives. The ailment itself is typically not significant and might even resolve on its own, only to relapse. These problems can have a substantial impact on one's quality of life, and a professional's advice and treatment must be pursued for effective relieving TMJ Syndrome symptoms as well as to prevent massive pain outbreaks and damage to the teeth-muscle-joint complex.


First line of treatment:

First line of TMJ Syndrome treatment could be symptomatic relief with medicines like muscle relaxants, painkillers, medicines to reduce anxiety and sleep disturbances if required, corticosteroid injections into joint in chronic cases.

  • Mouth exercises and hot/cold fomentations help to a great extent.
  • Soft food is recommended to avoid undue stress on joint
  • Night guard to eliminate contact of Upper and lower teeth
  • Avoid excessive jaw motions such as yawning and eating
Second line of treatment:

Correction of bite by alignment of teeth to establish proper contact point between upper and lower teeth either by braces or aligners or crowns. Usually Younger generation require braces or aligners whereas older generation usually prefer reconstruction of teeth with new set of teeth


Radio waves, another type of treatment, is used to stimulate the joint with reduced electrical impulses, increasing blood flow and providing TMJ relief. Surprisingly most of the TMJ issues are originated from dental issues except few which originated from anatomical variations in relation to orientation of jaws with respect to head

Why I did not have the symptoms from childhood but noticing now?

Reasons for late TMJ:
  1. Bad alignment of teeth if, left untreated can place undue stress on joint and attached muscles for a longer period of time. This effect may not be felt at young age but will certainly felt as the individual gets old.
  2. Badly made crowns and fillings profoundly alter the jaw position
  3. Positional shift of teeth due to missing adjacent or opposite teeth
  4. Attrition of teeth/loss of enamel reduce the vertical dimension of face will have strong influence of development of TMJD
  5. Prolonged Stress/grinding/clenching
Which are the factors aggravating TMJD?
  1. TMJD is aggravated by psychological factors like stress and anxiety
  2. Patients with history of arthritis may have more chances of developing
  3. Habits like nail /lip biting may lead to TMJD in rare cases.


TMJ Treatment in Hyderabad:

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