Prosthetic Replacement of Teeth
No more missing teeth when it is possible to fix them

Loss of teeth could be a mental, physical and social trauma to a patient. Absence of even a single tooth may bring about many changes in adjacent teeth like shifting of teeth into that area and chewing efficiency of jaws. These changes may not be evident as soon as the tooth is removed but definitely felt a few years later. Eventually, it may cause difficulty in fixing of artificial teeth and also loss of adjacent teeth when the changes are beyond repair. This could be prevented by replacing the lost tooth or teeth as soon as the extraction wound healed.

Replacement of teeth is done either by removable or fixed means depending upon the condition of teeth and also by patient decision. With the advent of newer materials into the field of dentistry, it became easier to the prosthetic dentist to replace the teeth as naturally as possible.

Different ways of fixing teeth:

  • Removable
    – complete dentures
    – Partial dentures
  • Fixed
    – full mouth implant-supported crowns
    – Bridges
    – Crowns
  • Metal
  • Metal ceramic
  • Full ceramic /zirconia

Full ceramic crowns are preferred over metal-ceramic when there is a high esthetic requirement that is the front teeth .

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