Minor and Major Dental Surgeries

Minor And Major Dental Surgeries
Surgery is only when there is no alternative

Minor Surgical Procedures
Minor surgical procedures are generally referred to as the surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia which include;

  • Normal extraction of teeth and root stumps
  • Removal of wisdom teeth after resecting the surrounding bone under local anaesthecia
  • periodontal or flap surgery – it is usually done to eliminate the infection in gums and bone surrounding the root of a tooth, thereby improving the health of those tissues to prevent loosening of tooth.

Major Surgical Procedures
Major Surgical Procedures are generally referred to as the surgical procedures performed under general anesthesia which include

  • Orthognathic surgeries – It is not very uncommon to have imbalances in jaw growth in some patients which are presented as short/long upper/lower jaw. Imbalances in jaw growth can be treated with removable or fixed orthodontic appliances easily and painlessly in young patients when bones are still growing but it is not possible to modify any bones once the growth completed. In such cases, it is mandatory to perform orthognathic surgery in order to bring about the required changes. ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY is a surgical procedure done to bring the balance in jaw size where there is no chance of adjusting by natural growth (means when there is no natural growth leftover) and it is done a single/double jaw surgery depending upon the requirement.
  • Augmentation/reduction genioplasty – Actually it is a part of orthognathic surgery where chin adjustments are made with the help of surgery or implant prosthesis.
  • Surgeries to correct problems associated with traumatic injuries.

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