7 most common dental problems that braces can fix easily

7 most common dental problems that braces can fix easily

Braces assist patients in getting that ideal smile, as well as help, boost their self-esteem. They also improve overall health. Braces vary in size and shape and both children and adults wear them. Some of the most common types of braces are invisible aligners, ceramic braces, and metal braces. We are fortunate to have different kinds of braces today and all patients are very definitely benefited by wearing braces. Here are the 7 most common dental problems that dental braces can help fix.

  1. Overcrowding and irregular spacing: This is a common problem, with most people having a space between their two front teeth called a diastema. This is most common in children and occurs in some adults as well. Braces can also help fix overcrowded and crooked teeth. You can use all kinds of braces to align your teeth in their correct position.
  2. Misaligned jaw: Braces can also help fix a jaw having an incorrect position due to either an overbite or an underbite. If you have irregular teeth or overcrowding of teeth, you can experience discomfort and soreness in the jaw area. This can cause even more problems with your temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) resulting in pain on your face. Braces help correct this by aligning your teeth properly, thereby placing your jaw in its proper place. Braces not only reduce your facial discomfort but also make you look more attractive due to a regularly shaped facial structure.
  3. Overbites and underbites: Uneven bites are called malocclusions. Braces help fix malocclusions by putting mild pressure on the teeth and jaw to align them in the correct position. Overbites occur when the top jaw has an augmentation as compared to the bottom part. This may cause the chin to appear very small and may result in difficulty with eating certain foods. Underbites occur when the jaw’s bottom part has an extension when compared to the jaw’s top part. Here also, the chin has an abnormal look and it may be challenging to eat. 
  4. Open bites: This occurs when there is excessive space between the upper teeth and the lower teeth in the front part of the teeth. It may result from sucking your thumb too much or from the excessive use of a pacifier. While most people outgrow this condition, some adults face open bites. These are problems that braces can fix.
  5. Periodontal problems: Misaligned teeth can make it difficult for you to brush and clean your teeth, resulting in gum problems like gingivitis. Overcrowded teeth also make it difficult to floss as there are no spaces between teeth. Braces can help put the teeth in their proper position, thereby making it possible to brush and floss easily. 
  6. Unmatched dental midlines: Dental midlines are the cross-sectional line that divides your top and bottom jaw. Sometimes, this line can be asymmetrical, thereby affecting your jaw position and your facial appearance. Braces help create a symmetrical dental midline, creating a beautiful smile.
  7. Issues with speech and chewing: Tooth misalignment can affect how you speak and the way you chew. Braces can help you with your pronunciation and chewing by aligning your teeth perfectly. 

These are the 7 most common dental problems that braces can help fix.

Besides these benefits of braces, they also help boost your self-esteem and self-confidence by presenting perfectly aligned teeth to the world. At Vistadent, the Orthodontic Speciality Clinic, we treat both children and adults with braces when they need them. We offer our patients a wide variety of braces and help them choose the kind that is best for them. 

So, if you feel that you need braces, you can go to Vistadent straightaway and rest easy knowing you are in the best hands possible!

For more information about braces or any other dental procedures, as well as other dental problems, contact Vistadent, the Orthodontic Speciality Clinic, at 040-23388111 or +91 9866572482 or at info@vistadent.net or visit our website at http://vistadent.net/.

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