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Dental fraces


Easy and painless teeth


Affordable/Flexible Payment

Treatments at Vistadent are very much affordable inspite of being done with materials of very good quality. We also provide flexibility in the duration of the payments and provide an EMI option too.


Advanced dental techniques

Our facilities are the most advanced and specialized to contribute great outcomes and precision for all our patients.


100 % Teeth Makeover

We are committed to give you beautiful and attractive smile while maintaining the naturality of teeth as much as possible. All our patients are extremely happy with the results we have provided to them.


Top Ortho Specialists

Dr Anitha has 15+ years of experience & has more than 1000+ smile makeovers. She is always committed to understanding her patients’ concerns and concentrates more on diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Anitha is very keen on giving treatment plan which is exactly suitable to that particular patient and also to avoid any future consequences . At VISTADENT, You are in the hands of the best orthodontist!

3-Step Process for Perfectly
Straightened Teeth


Full Teeth Checkup

Our braces specialist will check your teeth along with X-rays and teeth impressions.
Appropriate treatment plan given to patients only after studying the case well.


Attaching the Braces

We fix braces to your teeth using glue, and a wire is fixed through the brackets.


Making Adjustments

Adjustments are done to tighten the wires in order to give forces to move teeth at monthly or 2 month intervals depending on the type of braces and type of problems.

Why Vistadent??

  • Accurate treatment plan to maximise patient benefit and to drive stable as well as long-lasting results

  • Proper monitoring of case right from the beginning to end.

  • Easy appointment because of in-house orthodontist.

  • Systematic way of treatment throughout all the stages.

  • Hygiene is given utmost priority.


Types of Braces


Metal Braces

These are the less expensive and the most common option for children and teens. These braces are strong and highly durable but they are noticeable on your teeth when you wear them.


Ceramic / Tooth coloured braces

These are the most preferred braces by teens and adults because they are less noticeable. They are made up of a porcelain alloy which blends in with the teeth. You can even have the option of tooth-coloured wires which makes them even more invisible.


Clear Aligners / Invisalign

These are sets of transparent trays for correcting teeth. The advantages of these are mainly cosmetic as they are invisible in nature, without any wires or brackets. They are also comfortable and easy to remove while eating and brushing.


Lingual Braces

These are similar to conventional braces but are placed on the inner surface of teeth. These braces are best suited for conscious adults/teens and are hidden on the back of the teeth where they cannot be seen. These are customised with wires according to the treatment required for the patient.


Self Ligating Brackets

These brackets require fewer visits to the dental office. These are made using brackets and an archwire. Instead of using rubber bands to connect the brackets to the archwire, self-ligating braces use a specialized bracket that clips directly to the wire.


Pediatric Orthodontics

Children’s habits, such as sucking of the thumb, fingers, or lips beyond 3 years of age, may cause certain problems. These may include improper growth of the jaw and may affect the eruption of permanent teeth, jaw musculature and even the shape of the face. Orthodontic appliances are advised for all of these problems and will give children better growth of the face and will also build the health of the oral tissues.

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