Dental Aligners

Crafting Smiles with Dental Aligners

Everybody wants that million-dollar smile. And in order to get that perfect smile, your teeth need to be in perfect alignment. And to achieve that perfect alignment, you may need dental aligners. Teeth aligners are invisible braces and they work by gradually shifting your teeth into the ideal position, making your teeth straight.

If you have crooked teeth, you will wear a series of aligners, each for approximately two weeks at a time. These move the teeth, up to about 0.3 mm per aligner, until the ideal alignment has been reached. Quite often, aligners are also called clear braces or transparent braces, because they are transparent. This has a social advantage, because you can wear them in front of people without the attention that regular metal or ceramic braces get. A special kind of clear dental aligner is also called an Invisalign aligner.

Each aligner that you will be wearing makes a smooth and very mild rotation for teeth straightening, without any gum bleeding or pain. Dental aligners are perfect for adults because they are custom-built for a tight fit. Straightening a child’s teeth can be more complicated because their mouths and teeth are still growing and the orthodontist needs to keep that in mind.

Why adults are opting for that perfect smile

Most adults have a great deal of interest in their health and wellbeing. And this includes their dental health. With clear aligner options such as Invisalign, adults can finally have straight teeth and that perfect smile. There are certain reasons why adults are opting for getting clear dental aligners fixed. Some of them are:

  • Better appearance and increased self-esteem: Many people want to enhance their appearance by getting that perfect smile. Your facial appearance can be transformed completely due to a brand-new smile, caused by teeth straightening. Our appearance contributes greatly to how we feel about ourselves. It also contributes to how we present socially. So, feeling confident about your appearance can help your self-esteem to soar. Having a healthy, great-looking smile can boost your confidence in social situations and professional settings.
  • Physical Health Benefits: Teeth straightening is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it is also healthier. If your teeth are spaced too widely apart, it can result in red and inflamed gums. Also, if your teeth are crooked or overcrowded, they can be difficult to clean, leading to plaque build-up and tooth decay. Therefore, straightening your teeth with dental aligners is not just good for your smile, but can also reduce health risks and improve oral hygiene.
  • Teeth Shift over Time: While children and teenagers are seen as ripe candidates for braces and aligners, adults need to get their teeth straightened too. Over time, teeth can shift into new spaces, and overlapping or crowded teeth can be difficult to clean during daily brushing. This may result in plaque build-up and can also result in tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Resolution of Jaw Problems: Dental aligners are also a solution for jaw problems. When the teeth do not come together correctly, this results in a significant overbite or underbite. Dentists call this condition “malocclusion”. This can cause issues when chewing or swallowing. 

A specific type of a clear dental aligner is Invisalign. This straightens your teeth using a custom-made series of clear aligners that specifically fit your teeth and your treatment plan. The Invisalign trays are created from comfortable and smooth plastic that fit over your teeth. Given time, they gradually move your teeth into place, as planned by your orthodontist and Invisalign’s mapping technology.

Besides Invisalign, there is another type of dental aligner called SureSmile. This aligns your teeth by creating a 3D modelling of your mouth. These 3D models help the orthodontist identify the right tooth position for each client. This provides a precise bite adjustment and takes less time and fewer visits than traditional braces.

Are you the right candidate for dental aligners? You will need to visit your orthodontist to find out. However, here are some pros and cons of dental aligners…

Pros of Dental Aligners

  • Dental aligners are less irritating for the teeth and gums
  • Dental aligners, being clear, are not visible to most people like traditional, metal braces

Cons of Dental Aligners

  • Dental aligners need to be kept in place for a specific amount of time each day in order to stay on track with your treatment plan
  • Dental aligners can be removed, but you need to brush your teeth each time you remove the trays
  • Dental aligners do not solve as many tooth issues as traditional braces can
  • Dental aligners do not require “adjustments”, but you will need to get new trays every few weeks to help your teeth move and will need to visit your orthodontist.
  • Dental aligners are removable and have to be taken out before brushing and taking food. some patients feel it is more cumbersome and chances of forgetting are more.

At Vistadent, the Orthodontic Speciality Clinic, we take great individual care of our patients. We offer the Invisalign system to our clients, wherein we use a series of custom-made, removable aligners with SmartForce technology that gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions.

Vistadent will chart a holistic treatment plan for you, based on your needs. Not only does Vistadent treat all age groups, but they also keep them updated as to home care techniques for your teeth. Vistadent offers a great variety of dental services to its clients, one of which is aesthetic smile designing, which is done in a single visit.

So, if you’ve been wanting that perfect smile for quite a while, but have not known how to go about it, do visit Vistadent, and be assured that you are in the right hands…today and for always!

For more information about dental aligners for straightening teeth, or any other dental problems, as well as other dental procedures, contact Vistadent, the Orthodontic Speciality Clinic, at 040-23388111 or +91 9866572482 or at info@vistadent.net or visit our website at https://vistadent.net/.

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