How often should you get your teeth cleaned by your dentist

How often should you get your teeth cleaned by your dentist?

Teeth Cleaned By Your Dentist Looking after your teeth and gums is the best investment you can make. And as part of your dental care routine, dental cleanings are a must. Getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis is imperative for overall dental health. Dental cleaning should be a part of a regular dental check-up, which should be scheduled at least once, if not twice a year.

Even if you think your teeth are clean, it is important that a dental professional performs a thorough examination of your teeth, and cleans them, to prevent or detect the early stages of gum disease. In this article, we’ll talk about how often you should get your teeth cleaned by Your dentist, as well as other pointers about teeth cleaning…

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

Every patient is different and so is their teeth cleaning schedule. Some patients are more prone to having dental issues, which means they need to visit their dentist more often. Others, however, will experience hardly any dental issues at all. Those who experience only a few or no dental issues will need to have their teeth cleaned on a less frequent basis.

Dental guidelines state that patients should ideally schedule teeth cleaning every six months. However, while this ideal for most people, some may need to have their teeth every three months, whereas others may only need to do so every nine or twelve months.

Two or three cleanings a year can help reduce harmful bacteria that form under your gums. Although there is a build-up of plaque bacteria in our mouths daily, it takes about 3 to 4 months for them to become strong enough to start the infection that causes destruction of your dental tissues. This is why regular cleanings and tartar removal prevent these bacteria from creating those serious dental problems.

What happens during teeth cleaning?

You may want to know what exactly happens during teeth cleaning, to make it less intimidating, so here goes…These are the steps your dentist will follow during your teeth cleaning…

  • Dental exam: The first thing your dental hygienist will do is give you a thorough dental examination. During this exam, your hygienist will inspect your teeth with a small mirror and may also take some X-rays.
  • Cleaning: After your initial dental exam, your hygienist will begin the cleaning process. Your hygienist will scrape plaque off your teeth with a small scaler and will then perform a heavy-duty tooth brushing with an electric-powered toothbrush. During this part of the cleaning, your hygienist will also floss your teeth. This step in the cleaning process involves teeth scaling, plaque removal, and calculus removal.
  • Rinse and Fluoride: At the end of your teeth cleaning process, your hygienist will rinse out your mouth and may also apply fluoride toothpaste. This will protect your enamel against cavities and tooth decay. It also serves as a teeth stain remover and results in teeth whitening.

How is dental health related to your overall health?

Some people with conditions such as diabetes or a heart condition may need to see their dentist more often. This is because such patients are more prone to gum disease. Those taking blood thinners and other medications, such as infusions and pills for osteoporosis, will also need to see their dentists regularly and more often.

These medications can complicate the process of extracting a tooth, as well as other dental work, which is why regular check-ups and cleans are best to detect problems before they become serious. People with bleeding gums should also see their dentists more often, as should those with advanced gum disease, known as periodontal disease.

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